Michael Jackson told the world he was like Peter Pan. He meant that he had embraced his inner child. When Michael Jackson talked about Peter Pan, he talked about remembering the child in ourselves. Peter Pan is a great symbol that reminds us not to grow old and become like pirate Hook. Hook became a bitter and mean human being who had stopped to remember to be a child and have fun. He even wanted children to come work on his ship.

So many people get old and stop to remember what they were (children of Neverland ) and how to feel happy in life. If they did remember there would not be any pain and hunger in this world. They will be one family like Peter Pan and the boys, making adventure out of life in Neverland.

That is why Michael Jackson said he was Peter Pan. He was making an adventure out of his life. His heart was full of love like that of Peter Pan. He had to die at the hands of a pirate because he had the heart of a child and loved children. But we know he died as Peter Pan and went home to Never Neverland. People do not understand that Neverland is the land of God. It is the place where you go when you pass away. I have never been happy about Michael Jackson giving the house in Santa Barbara that name.

The story of Peter Pan is about a boy who died, after which his soul went Neverland where he never wants to grow up to be a pirate. The pirate is a symbol of the world that we live in. Peter Pan is a very dark story. It is about life and dead. No matter how many times it is told, the meaning of the story stays the same: love. I was loved enough for the rest of my life.

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