My name is Mocienne Petit Jackson.

After Michael Jackson’s death in 2009 I had a choice: to keep my secret and remain silent, or to do my best to reveal the truth, to stand up for myself and to find out my heritage.

I chose the latter and took legal proceedings/ filed a lawsuit against the Jackson family, with the purpose of forcing a DNA-test to proof who was right.

Just as any other child I do not need a DNA-test to know who my father is. From my infancy till age 34 our lives were intertwined. That is why he, Michael Jackson, is engraved in my memory as my father. By writing my autobiography I opened the doors to the truth a little wider.

In 2010 the world media focused on me, after I requested that a DNA-test be carried between me and Michael Jackson. The entertainment industries found this to be a peculiar story, so I was ridiculed online and in several newspapers for being not right in the head.

The American tabloid TMZ, as well as various other foreign tabloids, tried to get an interview with me. Back then, I thought that they would all label me as some kind of lunatic. It might even have caused me to lose my company Thuiszorg Ernestine B.V., had they gotten their hands on the intended footage.

I did allow the Dutch broadcasting company TROS to interview me. However, when it turned out that even their editor-in-chief wanted to make a huge spectacle out if me, I cancelled the whole thing.

One of my clients at my home care organization Ernestine worked at a broadcasting company. She convinced me to write my autobiography. She had worked with various artists for years and has more than twenty years of experience in this area. She thought my story was far from implausible. Even though I am her caregiver, she became my biggest support and source of inspiration.

I can only conclude that my life has been a considerable mess since I have received international exposure. For five years I have been feeling miserable, even though I am not homeless, bankrupt or a drug addict. I am not depressed, just unhappy because of the fact that if I type in my name on Google, I am confronted with postings that say I am not Michael Jacksons daughter, whilst no evidence exists to proof this.

Because I allegedly lost the court case that was supposed to give permission for a DNA-test, there is no evidence that points to the contrary. But there is a misconception in play: all those media reports should have said that the state of California has no jurisdiction to order a DNA test in Probate Court, the US court that specializes in inheritance. This means my case is still open under a special Probate Court code and that the court can still make a ruling on the Estate of Michael Jackson, if any evidence is brought forward by any other court that is competent to decide about permitting a DNA test. That is why the case is still open and why I have received this code from the Probate Judge. By doing that, the judge has confirmed that I claimed my inheritance on Michael Jackson’s property on time for when a DNA test will be done. Through another court department, I will then still be able to do a DNA test. For example with Michael Jackson’s parents: Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson or one of his brothers or sisters. As the Court of Appeal in California ruled in 2013, the only way is through Civil Court. This means there will be a trial that could take years. I am still going to take this step, but I would like the media to have access to better background information about my life. To prevent any more wild stories about me from seeing the light of day, I wrote my autobiography. This is the first step to the trial. It might not even come to that if the Jacksons decide to come out with the truth themselves. They all know I cannot be bribed, and if they did not know, now they do.

The loss of my anonymity is just as severe as losing my father. In the past couple of years I have had to learn that to the outside world, I had become part of the history of Michael Jackson. In America I contacted the best lawyer on media law and asked him to delete my name from every search engine wherever it was mentioned in connection to Michael Jackson. The lawyer instantly doubled up with laughter. My heart broke in advance because I anticipated what he was going to say. My expectations turned out to be true. “Ms Jackson, Google will never do that”, he told me over the phone, “Every time someone clicks your name, websites earn money off of that! I am very sorry, but you will have to learn to live with it”. After this phone call I stayed very upset for two years and coping with the grief of losing my father started.

In 2012 I felt the time was ripe to visit a psychiatrist. He came from a small town and had clearly not seen much of the world. Because of him, new doors started to open for me – whenever I saw myself through his eyes I understood why 75% of people worldwide were thinking I must be crazy claiming Michael Jackson was my father. This psychiatrist has learned me to no longer go against the current and to surrender to the situation. I have never sworn as much in my life as after visiting that doctor.

In 2013, a year after my last conversation with him, I started writing my autobiography. My anger was so great that I wrote three books within five weeks! The results are ‘Thriller – Betrayal’, ‘Thriller – The dark side of the Netherlands’ and ‘Thriller – Resistance’. I will publish these books in English, Spanish, German and Dutch. On the 16th of October, part 1 and 2 were issued as e-book and during 2016-2017 they will also be available in paperback in stores.

An important reason for writing this trilogy is that I want the world to know that I am not obsessed with my blood tie to Michael Jackson. I also want to make clear that I fully understand how difficult it must be for thousands of fans to accept that I am his daughter. With my books, I hope to present the possibility that he started to show odd behaviour because he had had a secret daughter from the age of seventeen – not an easy situation for someone like him!

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